Friday, October 7, 2011

Steampunk Party Invitations

This evening's post is all about your Steampunk party and how to start it. We have your ideal invitation set below, including a special insertion designed to please prospective guests.
Meanwhile, I've been hard at work creating a new set of simpler party masks for you in this same design mode which anyone might enjoy wearing but which say "Steampunk" through and through, so you can hopefully look for those to appear here within the next few days.
Our Insert printable below is a simple bi-foldable once cut away from its margin. It's pretty self-explanatory, so I won't go into it here, but if there are any questions, just leave me a comment, and I'll email you in response. Once folded, you have only to swipe a glue stick in a few places and/or to pierce and sew (like you would a simple booklet) for the desired effect. I myself like the finished look hand stitching brings, but we don't always have the time for such tedious processes, now do we? ;)
The whole affair was designed to fit with your standard A2 sized envelope, which you may find online or at your local copy center.
I recommend pre-printing for best results, as a test of your printer's response to this design.
Also, it's naturally best to print your cover onto white card stock, and your Insert on standard white print or copy paper. Just a hint.
For the rest of our party wear in this theme, you can explore our Steampunk category HERE.
We hope to have you stop by again shortly for more party fun here at PPS, as we intend growing our collection all through this party season.
Happy Creativity!

This invitation was not pre-packaged when we found it. In fact, it took weeks of searching and then processing and cleaning up to make it into a finished product for your personal or private use.

We would never sell anything which you, our guests, had not given us permission to sell, and we ask that that same courtesy be given to us in return.
Otherwise, a theft would occur, or friends part ways. This may not seem all that valuable an item, but it does belong to our Studio, in that it was processed for months before being offered for your use.
Free of charge.
Please be mindful of others' copyrights.
Thank you.

Steampunk Invitation + Insert

Download 300ppi Version HERE

Download 300ppi Version HERE

Digital Brush Credits: Obsidian Dawnnadine pau.
Font  Credit: Dieter Steffmann.

Credits: Original Antique imagery (prior to our fiddling) from
the New york Public Library at
Also, WIki Commons


pchickki said...

Awesome invitations :)

Plush Possum Studio said...

Thanks,my dear!
I haven't been to see you in a while. Guess I'd better get with it, huh?

Jules said...

Your blog is wonderous. Thank you so much for visiting mine!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Hi Jules!
My hat's off to you for bringing us more foot traffic! Our stats show that you are instrumental in doing so. So Three Cheers for you, my dear!!!

Rhissanna said...

Oh my! Wherever did you get that Art Nouveau font? It's like Arnold Böcklin but with more squiggles. It's gorgeous!

PS: Love the unattended lady's boot on the front of the invitation. Cute and macabre.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Rhissanna: I believe it is a free sample of another font set that one may buy, most likely from DaFont online. I'm not quite sure, but I'll be glad to check into it for you, if you like.
As for the lady's boot, I believe it was from an advertisement of the time. I suppose it might look a touch derelict in its new role.....

Rhissanna said...

OH OH! I found that font! By pure serendipity! It's called Art Nouveau Caps. I was actually looking for Böcklin's seriously creepy mermaid pictures and found it by accident.

Night night!

Gems-By-Julz said...

Dear Rose, I adore your blog as you already know and thank you for allowing me to place an interview with you on my blog. I have also shared this with my Facebook Gems By Julz page followers and I see quite a few have toddled over to your delightful blog of creativity, inspiration and more.
Thank you so much for placing my button on your blog, I was knocked for six when I saw it, you have the size perfect, I am teaching myself so progress is slow LOL. Please, please create a Plush Possum Studio Button so that I can reciprocate my dear Rose, I know many would love to display your button and link as you and your team as such stellar bloggers. Hugs from Julz p.s. love the Poe theme.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Rhissanna: LOLYes, we know! Check your inbox, dearie!
Hope you had a pleasant night!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Julz: Yes, TY! Every so often I find your blog's URL in the stats, and then toddle over to see what's cookin'.
I treasure your input. And you're not our first blogging compatriot to ask that we get the lead out and finish a button.
As to the button, we've really had to rethink how it shall look, as our banner's look does get changed in its center portion from time to time.
What emblematic symbol would catch a viewer's eye, to draw her interest?
We're stumped. I needs to be bold, vivacious, have some character, be quite readable, and dynamic to the eye.
Any ideas?

Rhissanna said...

I've initiated a Steampunk on Sunday feature on my Gaslight and Gilt blog, and I've plumped for you first, as you're a shining example of the kind of thing I want people to discover. And you're talented. And nice. And see good things, even in possums. Please, could you pop over and make sure I haven't violated any copyright rules or boundaries of good taste or whatever? Thank you for all the wonderful things you do.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Golly Moses, woman!
If a possum may blush, this one's red down to her toes.
But I'll be sure to drop by soon.
And thank you for your vote of confidence. It does a possum's heart good.

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