Sunday, May 22, 2011

PPS ATC Background Freebies: Steampunkery Trio

We are having too much fun today with our Steampunky themed ATC Backgrounds! I mean, just look at this trio of fun backgrounds for you to use! And they're free for everyone, without exception. 
We kind of liken this to a new breed of digital work for us to try on for size.
The process of making them in PSE8 was made all the easier by a new bit of ephemera, which forms the basis for this trio, an antique photograph's torn up reverse side, to be specific.
Now, how well these may print, may depend on the resolution of a printer, along with the kind of ink used. As it happens, our look may not even appear the same from screen to screen, or from browser to browser. You could try saving to disc and heading for your local print and/or copy center for a trial run. While there, it would be better to use a toner based copy machine for your workable copies. After all, most toners won't run if hit with any water based medium, while inkjet printer ink would run.
I've had great luck using Xerox Color Copy Machines at FedEx Kinko's stores before, and they have a heavier gauge copier paper in some of the trays. Such paper tends to buckle less often when hit with mediums, glues, etc., and is slicker to the touch than regular paper. You'll know it when you find it.
So have fun copying and re-using our three backgrounds in whatever manner you see fit. These are our gift to our readers for stopping by once more to check out our growing scene.
Happy Steampunk Creativity!

PPS ATC Steampunkery Trio

Downloadable Version HERE

Our Credits:

Scanned Imagery courtesy PPS Archives
Free for Public Domain Use


Missouri's Lilac said...

These are awesome. :)

Plush Possum Studio said...

AJ: Thank you for that encouragement! We can use all of it we can get, being so new to this kind of thing.
You're sweet.

Ann said...

oh...I love,I love, I love!!!!!!!!

Scott Niven said...

Rose, these look great. I love the faded "Princeton, Illinois" in the first one. Beautiful!


Plush Possum Studio said...

Ann: You are so welcome! We love-love-love to generate new images, and these are no exception. Lots of fun!
We'll be supplying more of these for your summer fun.
And we just love the Steampunk theme. It begs to be played with!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Scott: Good morning! Thanks for the input!
If you look really closely, you'll see how the design was formed on the same basis for each on of the ATCs on our sheet. While this was fun, we did end up wondering if just one "Princeton Illinois" themed basis would have been quite sufficient. As it was, I think we ended up liking all three, regardless.
We're gearing up to do some more artwork for our readers upcoming. It's more fun than you can shake a stick at! :)

And, hey! We'd no notion you, too, might be eager to create some ATCs based on our (well, anyone's) work!
I'm wondering now if our foot traffic would warrant our first PPS swap here.

We'd love to have your feedback on this one.

P.S. Is that some of your artwork in the header over at your place? I've always appreciated it.

Mina said...

These are wonderful. Thank you so much.

Plush Possum Studio said...


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