Wednesday, May 18, 2011

18th Century Scenes from Victorian Literature

Thackeray wrote more than one fine novel in his time. We may have him to thank for Vanity Fair or Barry Lyndon, but he also wrote more than one storyline having more to do with our colonies--in pre-Revolutionary War terms, that is. For us, it's a good thing he did, for we now have not only his books to refer to for a good read, but also those masterful illustrations used in depicting each storyline.
We're particularly fond of this one, for it embraces a distinguished era in graceful looking fashions with manners and refinement. Our world today is a busy, whirling mass of new ideas. If we were to step back in time to one of the scenes below, what might our impression be?
For one thing, I'm guessing the smells of body odors and lack of flush toilets could well make us want to retreat--and quickly! ;)
But after that, our fascination with all things of another era would take over.
Just imagine........

For those of you who admire that aged look for use when you collage, we include our usual choices of Black & White or Original Patina.
Thanks for stopping by, and----
Happy Creativity!

Scenes from Thackeray's "The Virginians"
Part One

"George Made Much Of"
Downloadable Version HERE

Original Patina
Downloadable Version HERE

"A Step-Father in Prospect"
Downloadable Version HERE

Original Patina
Downloadable Version HERE

Scanned Imagery courtesy PPS Archives
Free for Public Domain Use

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Please do not repackage any of our stock for sale.
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