Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Antique Memento of Summertime Fun

Greetings, everybody! Are we ready for this summer's sunny weather and all the fun that brings? Using today's bit of ephemera, we hope you'll be able to access an earlier time in our history when ladies went corseted, men wore hats (except indoors, of course!), and nobody went about in hot weather in just shirt sleeves unless he wanted to receive criticism from his older relatives.
I love the old patina, the way it still has kept its shape after more than a century's safe keeping in someone's dresser drawer or box of keepsakes.
We hope to display each photo from its collection in our ongoing series on summertime fun. These are all in a tinted format, and really quite unique. We'd never seen one like it before. Hope you'll enjoy those upcoming posts as well.
For some of those, you can click HERE.
Don't forget to keep those petticoats tucked in around your ankles when you ride the ferris wheel! ;)
Happy Creativity from all of us at the Studio!
Rose & Friends

Antique Amusement Park Photo Souvenir Pocket

Original Patina
Downloadable Version HERE

Slightly Refreshed
Downloadable Version HERE

And With No Title
Downloadable Version HERE

Scanned Imagery courtesy PPS Archives

You are free to:
use the above images in artwork for fun or profit.
You are not free to:
repackage them in any way for sale.
Please respect our gift for the public's use.
Thank you.


artistamyjo said...

These are terrific!
Now as to the summer fun...well we had frost last,and maybe again tonight. I hope we get some summer since we've totally lost spring.
Pooh on Mother nature,bet she's basking in the sun somewhere!
Hugs, Amy

Plush Possum Studio said...

Hey, Amy!
You actually had a frost last night? Whoa! Mother Nature's in a bit of a holding pattern where you are.
Hope the farming community there will hold steady anyhow!

Scott Niven said...

Ahhhh, this one just makes me happy. I love imagining what the men and women walking around in the image were thinking about.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Scott: I love that old timey feel myself. And when you think about it, they were just like you and me, only dressed uncomfortably!

Incidentally, there is still a Lakeside Amusement Park in Denver. I hear it's fallen on hard times, though.

Ann said...

how nostalgic this is!! love it!
Days past have such a feel to them..this is a wonderful example!!! thanks Rose!xo

Plush Possum Studio said...

Ann: Thanks for your input!
Just wait till we star posting those photos for you!

collage whirl said...

I love these peeks into the "good old days". Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :-)

Plush Possum Studio said...

Collage Whirl:
Vice versa on both counts!

Scott Niven said...

My mom has a place in Ocean Drive at North Myrtle Beach, and last summer they rebuilt the old Amusement Park that used to be there. So fun walking through an open air arcade and riding the Ferris Wheel with an ocean as the backdrop...

Chrissy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog for WOYWW. I love all your vintage items on here! I'll have to get a petticoat to tuck in. ;)

Plush Possum Studio said...

Scott: that sounds idyllic!
Tell me, do you have pictures?

Chrissy: Well, we like your spot!
And thank you for your encouragement. We're so new to this whole deal. lots of learning behind everything we try here!
Come to think of it, there is a definite lack of petticoats of any kind here at our Home Studio! What is wrong with us?????
Gotta have something worth tucking on board a ferris wheel!

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