Wednesday, May 3, 2017

As Promised: Shabby Chic Accessories

This project began with an antique tissue paper page that was loose within the covers of an antique book about butterflies.

It looked so forlorn at first, and yet somehow every wrinkle, crease and tear informed me that there was something I would be doing with them someday. 

Please acknowledge my copyrights by always crediting my work back to this blog, and please do follow the red letter Guidelines located at the foot of this post. This is a share-alike post of freebies that are not to be sold by anyone, even when altering has been done. Thank you. 

It has taken years for this journey from a book sale at a library till today. From 2004 till now, I've had many challenges to face as an artist, including learning enough Photoshop techniques in order to make it work well enough for me. The book itself resides on a shelf and is seldom opened due to its frailty, but I love knowing that it's still around. Somebody has to give tattered old books a loving new home, and I knew at the time that it was my turn to be the one.

The page view ratings for the original Stationary Set (found HERE) were a sign to me that the public might go for a few of the matching accessories I'd promised to make. The download offers a chance to create using both the pages I've already published here along with matching Labels and Photo Corners. All of this has taken time, so please respect my wishes as to copyrights. I'd appreciate it. Let's share and share alike, shall we?

For a look at what the same Photo Corners in other colors look like when in use, you may visit an earlier post of mine HERE.

Happy Shabby Chic Creativity!

PPS™Shabby Chic Stationary Accessory Set

Download HERE
Display version
(lower quality than the download)

You are free to:
share, give or make art with
the items from this set.
You are not free to:
Ever sell anything from this et
even if you've altered it first.
Thank you
for helping me to
keep free things free!


Sue said...

Hi Rose,

Hope you are having a nice day.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #12

Plush Possum Studio said...

Hi Sue! I'm glad you had a chance to pop over here. Have you also had time to see my smaller #2 blog, called Rose's Art Garden? That's where I do my WOYWW stuff. it's also where I like to really get messy.
See you soon - next Wednesday, hopefully

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