Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Colorful Splattered ATC Backgrounds

Relaxing with Photoshop processes has led to this new set.

This has led me to conclude that the colorful possibilities are simply endless! This began with an image of an antique book cover. The stubbled surface offered me the chance to just relax and play now and then offline.

Please respect my copyrights by following the red letter Guidelines located at the foot of this post. Thank you.

The fun went from the textured surface of that old book's cover to color play in general using digital brushwork and altering techniques. The color, of course, had to change radically in order to make it interesting for me. After attempting seven different design choices, I've settled for this one, but it might all get changed again and offered a second way, especially if I find that enough people are enjoying this set.

These are Backgrounds, and as such aren't intended to be traded as is. I designed them to be re-designed and traded by you!

For a look at the entire PPS™ATC Backgrounds collection, guests may follow the link HERE. For a few words on the history of Artist Trading Cards, you can follow the link to the Strathmore page HERE.

Happy Creative Trading!

PPS™ATC Sixpack: Smudged and Splattered Brights

Download HERE

Display version
(lower quality than the download)

Digital Brush Credit:
All other design ©2017RHMcGuinn

You are free to:
make art using these ATC Backgrounds
that is to be either kept by you
or else given or traded.
ATCs are not meant to be sold, anyway, 
just treasured.
You are not free to:
ever sell any of these items
for any reason.
Thank you
for helping me to 
keep free things free!

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