Monday, February 29, 2016

Spring Garden Set 5

Inspired by an old watercolor of a country garden.

The blooming morning glory flowers are painted as being in the shade now, so the scene takes place one fine afternoon. That same lovely hue in the shadows near a mother and child in one corner of the yard is re-echoed throughout this refreshing old painting, including the cute watering can.

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I've played on the theme this time in a few new ways. The buckles, for example, have changed completely. My old buckle was irregular in shape, as many early plastic products can be. This made it fun and quirky and even a bit whimsical, but I thought that it was really ready to be shelved.

The newer buckles had to be Photoshopped into existence by me. I made a template and tested it out, then refined it a bit more. This was later used on images of some very colorful and rare shells. Also made the same way are the newer buttons.

All of the colors in this set are made to play off each other, yet none would mix well enough with already existing sets, so I have included a brand new Background Page for download. In the process of creating that Background, I really began to feel as if I'd gone dotty!

More Spring Garden Sets are due to arrive in the coming weeks. I've also got a few other projects in mind.

Meanwhile, time to set your printer to have 1/4 inch margins for this new set.

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Happy Creativity!

PPS™ Spring Garden Collection Set No. 5


Download Set HERE

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Download Matching Background HERE

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Kristin said...

Hi!! These are so beautiful - I loved hearing the inspiration behind it too - and it's so sweet to share :) xoxo

Plush Possum Studio said...

Hi Kristin! Thanks for stopping by. It was nice to see what you've been up to lately.
Glad you like what I've been up to as well. See you again sometime soon!

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