Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rainy Day Coloring Page

A rainy day with a bustle?

I've used the word, "bustle" in two ways there. The mother and daughter are really in a serious hurry to get to where they are headed and out of the wet weather, aren't they? But both are wearing bustle era fashions that I find charming, if inconvenient. Their shoes do appear very impractical, but the mother's petticoats look even less practical under the circumstances, don't they? Both wear impractical bonnets as well. Without their umbrellas, things would have grown completely soggy for both.

Note: this particular coloring page has 1/4 inch margins instead of my normal 1/2 inch ones.

I do feel sad for the little rain drenched dog. The poor dear thing looks just miserable. Other people may be seen faintly in the background, shielded from our view by the rain, a tree, or an umbrella. It's like a moment in time, captured for us to look at and to wonder about. I always wonder about an artist's source for inspiration, don't you? Had the artist caught sight of the pair shown here? We will never know for certain, but we can guess that this pair actually had been seen and then captured in a few quick sketches prior to the finishing of this work of art.

But let's hurry out of the rain before we become completely soaked!
Happy rainy days Creativity!

PPSColorMe™ Rainy Day Mother and Daughter

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