Sunday, September 18, 2011

Steampunk Party Mask for Gents

Isn't he a dapper fellow, this top hat wearing Steampunked man? He's obviously been seeing the sights of both London (after all, the facial part of his mask is cut from an antique map of London, England) and Paris--even to a hot air balloon ride high above the Tuileries, and perhaps to a rendezvous at Maxim's or for midnight cocktails at the Moulin Rouge.
I can imagine him spending an evening with friends at London's Savoy Theatre, then donning his goggles and greatcoat, and climbing aboard his very own dirigible the next day to cross the Channel. 
As a last minute choice for a costume, gents might consider wearing the cutaway coat or tails and tie from their wedding, along with this mask. With a few added details, such as a watch and chain or facsimile, a pair of gloves, and perhaps a different necktie reminiscent of the era, and any gent would have his costume locked, loaded, and ready! A walking stick might complete the outfit, giving it some added dash. 
And for those of you really into some flash wear, HERE is a nice tutorial on how to make some spats to really Steampunk yourself! 
It might be suggestible here to note that I offer collage sheets in the Steampunk Category which might  do well for a little added flair via iron-on print-outs of any of the collage sheets we offer. These could then be assembled as per the Wiki How tutorial, for a real knock-out of an outfit!
I'd like to remind any of you interested that this offering is sized much as some of the previously offered masks are, for an 11" by 17" sized sheet of printer paper. That's Ledger size here in the states. It has a 1/2" border at its narrowest margin, so your settings for print should include this factor.
Also, it is obviously best to reinforce any paper mask before adding your strings to their holes at both edges. I'd like to recommend card stock or any other lightweight card, but some of you may wish to back it with stiff fabric, or even iron it onto some smooth finished cloth with backing for stiffener. OR ironing it onto cloth (as in a printable iron on transfer process), followed by your choice of stiffened backing. Buckram might do nicely for either cloth or paper, as it's often used in mask making.
For more ways to make party fun more affordably unique in style, you can view the rest of the PPSPartyGear™category HERE.

Happy Creativity!
These masks are never to be repackaged for sale. You may use them, for free, but you may never sell them. I have exclusive copyrights to their final design. However, their design includes certain elements and Digital Brushes (not owned by me) that I have pledged never to sell in any form, no matter how updated, re-made or altered our design team may make them.
It's simply the LAW (that is a link).
In other words, some parts of my work, my Steampunk party accessories included, are not completely mine.
While parts of them come from copyright free sources, some come with Licenses to copy and use, but never to sell for any reason, in any way, shape or form.
I are free to use them, but would not abuse that privilege.
Plush Possum Studio will uphold the copyrights of others 
wherever possible.
Thank you for joining me in doing so.

Printable Party Mask for Steampunked Gentlemen

Download our 300dpi 11" by 17" Version HERE

All brushes used in the production of this item come from
Obsidian Dawn

Credits: Original Antique imagery (prior to my work) from
the New York Public Library at
Also, Wikimedia Commons


Ann said...

this is great!!!
i'm going to size it down for atc's and paper art dolls!! i'm thinking it would be great for a cloth doll too!!! thanks so much!!! xo

Plush Possum Studio said...

Ann: What a wonderful idea!!! I would never have thought this could be resized for anything smaller than a child's head,but i guess you're right--darn near anything is possible with Photoshop!

Irene said...

Love it!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Irene: Thanks, hon! We're so glad you do!

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