Thursday, February 10, 2011

Old Stamp Album Cover with Vintage Clip Art Letters

A lucky find brought this venerable yet sturdy stamp album to our ephemera library. Few stamps, but a great cover! What stamps it does contain we are working on getting the best resolution for you. It may take a little while, but we'll get there. It took some work (well, a lot of work!) and some patience, yet here is that cover for you, along with the letters from it. Have fun! I myself can't wait to make a little collage using our letters. Such a fun font! It could give memory pages a truly unique look.
As usual, we are affirming our rights to publish anything we have created via whatever means used, whether for sale or otherwise, here or anywhere. You may neither sell these images nor claim they were manipulated by you. We hold some rights, then, to today's clip art page. You may use a portion of it only, in work you make for display online, or for art trading, even for sale--once it has been incorporated into your work.
We hope you'll find plenty of reasons to enjoy using the images displayed.
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Happy Creating!
Your Friends at Plush Possum Studio

Click on any image for highest resolution
before saving to your desktop

Vintage Clip Art Letters

And here's one more for those 
with a use for the elegant "P"
(which needed tweaking for some reason)

Scanned Imagery courtesy PPS Archives
You are free to:
use these letters in artwork.
Such artwork may then be sold or traded or kept by you.
You are not free to:
repackage this set for sale online or elsewhere.
Thank you for respecting our gift.
Please respect all artists' copyrights.
Thank you.

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