Sunday, February 13, 2011

ATC Originals Sunday

Here we have four of our favorites. We hope to post others of this same series here soon. Our color scheme this week: Distressed & Elegant, part of the Turquoise Blue craze our studio is going through right now.
Their Titles:
Top Left: "Ragtime Blues"
Top Right: "Distressing French Letter"
Bottom Right: "A Splash of Distress"
Bottom Left: "Distressed City Blues"
They will appear larger than normal on your screen but were created in regulation format.
As usual, you may utilize any one or all of our backgrounds as part of the ATC trading scene, and you may embellish and distress them further to your heart's content.
What you may not do, however, is ever sell them in part or as the set in any format existing. These are our designs exclusively. Please honor our wishes and please do credit our design team's hours of work via writing our blog's address on the reverse and/or linking back here.
Thank you.
Happy Creating!
Rose McGuinn & Friends

Click on the image before 
saving to your computer.

Distressed & Elegant ATC Backgrounds

(Digital Brushes used in the process designed by Fox Orian, JS Scully and ObsidianDawn)


kristen said...

love these..will have to try to make some atc's with them asap! Thanks for your nice and thoughtful comment on my blog today too!

Plush Possum Studio said...

So glad you came by! i'd love to be able to view you work with our ATC designs.
Care to swap that way?

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