Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sapphire Blue September Book Arts Set

The second of 2 September Book Arts posts...

...before I go on a bit of a health hiatus for a while here at the Studio.

The month of September's gemstone is the Sapphire. I chose to use the differing tones in the average sapphire as the inspiration for this set.

Please respect my copyrights and follow the red letter Guidelines listed at the foot of this post. Thank you.

The set requires 2 circle punches, one in the 1 inch size, the other in the 1/2 inch size. For some examples of how I like to suggest that people might use my sets, please follow this link HERE and look for the Display.

Happy September Creativity!

PPS™Book Arts Set: Sapphire Blue September 

Download HERE
(No ideas display this time, as no time. 
Please see post above. Thank you)

Plain Display

You are free to:
use any of the above items
shown here in artwork and/or crafting
that is to be either kept or given away freely.
You are not free to:
ever sell my designs 
for any reason whatsoever,
even if they have been altered first.
Thank you
for helping me to
keep free things free!


HeatherD said...

Thank you for the beautiful sapphire book arts set. Praying about your health. Hope a good rest helps.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Thanks for your prayers, Heather. Very kind of you. 2 Dr appointments for Monday AM.
xo Rose

Kirsten M Blair said...

So it would be okay if I printed some projects to give to older children in the Salvation Army box? Most people give stuff for younger kids.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Hi Kirsten Thanks for commenting and welcome to Plush Possum Studio!
Yours is the first such request. By "older children," did you mean aged 10 and older? The stock in my blog is mainly for adults. I do carry some really fun coloring pages for children of every age, though. Some of those are very detailed.

I would rather you did not give away any of my paper doll collection, as every item has a copyright that might get overlooked and forgotten by somebody wishing to make money.

If y "older children" you meant teenagers, I can't think of anything here other than some of my ATCs and/or ATC envelope sets that teens might go for.

The rules of my site are clear. NOTHING here may ever be sold for ANY reason. (While I may choose to offer a separate line at etsy or someplace else online, I haven't taken the time for such a serious project so far).
I am concerned than some of the things you could give could end up being sold at a Salvation Army store or sale. They are unfamiliar with this blog's copyrights.

ATCs are NEVER sold anyhow, so some of those could be your safest bet. My acrylic pour ones are quite vivid and unusual. young people could embellish and personalize them. This would protect us all in legal terms.

The Salvation Army is a religiously based organization where my Family Fun Projects of paper Church and paper House could be most welcome. Those are free and in the Public Domain and to never be sold, but you could give them in packets with the instructions in large envelopes. Add the paper and a few colored pencils, and I think children might find that a challenging and fun project. Those 2 projects are among my more popular downloads here at my blog.

Wishing ypu all the best

Plush Possum Studio said...

P.S. Sorry about the typos. My eye health has been a serious challenge for me for quite a while.

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