Monday, August 7, 2017

A Thank You Post for Dorthe

Dorthe Hansen is a Danish artisan with an eye for detail within design. She is also one of my favorite bloggers. 
Recently, she very kindly shared some of her work using an envelope of my design. I am thrilled with how she's chosen to use one of my ATC envelopes (from this post HERE). Dorthe's work stands out to my eyes as being special anyway, but it's an added bonus to see how she's used my envelope along with one of my color coordinated postage buttons for one of her pieces.

Dorthe is a Design Team Member of "That's Crafty!", and whose work has been featured in Simply Neutrals Tuesday. It's easy to see why her work must be so desirable. She lavishes very careful consideration on each and every detail. She knows how to blend neutral tones with more colorful ones. Some of my favorite designs by her use only neutral tones. Building layer upon layer, she likes to draw everything together into one story of her own making. Some of her work reminds me of delicately decorated pastries, each one unique.

She and I both appreciate the beauty of handmade lace, buttons and trims. There is something truly evocative of times past in such pretty items, isn't there? Dorthe's pretty works are loaded with old lace, buttons and other treasures. Perhaps that's one of the many reasons why I've always enjoyed visiting her blog.

Dorthe has informed me of her choice of materials along with how she's made use of my envelope within her designs. She writes: "I use the envelopes for my tiny tags created with fabric, finding one suitable in colors, for what I made.
Sometimes they are longer, but then I just let them stick out on top, I will send you a photo ."

Here are her 3 photos of one of her projects. I really like how she's used my envelope with its matching button.

Isn't this a nice gift for me to share here?

If you'd like to visit her blog, Den Lille Lade, to see the rest of her very pretty work, you may follow the link located in her name at the top of this post or you may follow this link HERE. There is a lot to see at her blog, so be prepared to be tempted to linger if you go there.

My thanks to Dorthe for her generous gesture!
Happy Creativity!


Dorthe said...

Oh Rose,
you make me blush ,- but thank you so much for your kind and loving words, about my creations and me.
I very much enjoy visiting your blog, and save your wonderful offerings, very often, ---as I did with some of the ATC envelopes ,you have created and shared with us.
It is a lovely gift to meet people like you, something which would never have happened, without the blogging world.
I`m happy you like the way I used your envelope, as a gift bag for my hand sewn tag ,- for a friend .
Thank you again,- Rose, and a wonderful evening to you.
Dorthe, xoxo

Plush Possum Studio said...

Dorthe You deserve every compliment that I chose to give you. Thank you again for supporting my blog over the years. It pleases me to know you've used some of my offerings. Some blogging friendships really can be special. I'm glad that we both consider our blogging friendship to be one of the special ones.
Thank you again for sharing your lovely work with me today. And a very pleasant evening to you as well.
:) xoxo

May said...

Gorgeous creations from the lovely Dorthe, I have followed Dorthe for a few years now her work so Beautiful... as is your wonderful designs Love the envelope design Simply Perfect... Thank you so much for visiting me on Wednesday... I really must learn how to hand sew seam binding in the future and Thank you for your kind comments...Have a happy safe weekend ahead... May

Plush Possum Studio said...

Thanks for the sweet comment, May! I, too, have been following Dorthe's blog for quite a while. She is VERY talented.
I never have managed to machine stitch seam binding well enough. I can't for the life of me understand how come. It's not my thing anymore than getting collars just right is. Lolz
Thanks also for the kind words about my envelope. That was a fun project for me, especially making several different styles of the same kind of envelope with color coordinated accessories. It is actually one of my favorite projects. I find myself considering different ways to create some new designs using the same envelope pattern.
Come to think of it, I guess I have a thing for envelopes, pockets and tuck spots! Lolz
Happy and safe weekend to you too!

koi seo said...

Thank you , your backgrounds are so filled with happy moments, and colorful life, and love your envelopes :-)


Dorthe said...

Dear Rose, and May,

thank you both for your so heartwarming and kind words , you are both so lovely.
Hugs and happy Sunday to you, and Rose, thank you for the envelopes, they are saved :-)

Dorthe, xxx

Plush Possum Studio said...

Thank you, Koi Seo for your very kind comment. I am very pleased that you enjoy my backgrounds and envelopes. That makes my work worthwhile.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Hello again, Dorthe!
More envelopes? Oh good! I'd hoped you'd like the new ones!

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