Monday, July 24, 2017

Victoria and Her Family at the Beach

Mercy and her husband, Tom have invited Victoria to join them on holiday at the seashore.

The proud new papa of one still sports his fatherly mustache while wearing the grey stripe bathing costume that we're so accustomed to seeing him in.

As for both Mercy and Victoria, this year the two cousins will be wearing the very latest in swimwear. Most women then tended to wear something on their heads in order to cover their hair, but not our two young Victorian women! Both have appointments with a hairdresser for later in the afternoon. By then, both will have changed clothes following bath time. After that, everyone is looking forward to a casual teatime in their family suite at the hotel with the baby, when it will be Nanny's evening off to visit a friend.

As for Mercy and Tom's new baby, the little one is still a bit young to be out of doors all day long. We are allowing Mercy to have a nice, relaxing afternoon swim. This is her family's first chance at a holiday since the arrival of the baby in March. The baby's new skills have grown very recently to include rolling over. This caused much excitement, as all were present for that special moment. 

It's Nanny's turn to look after the little one for the afternoon today, especially as it is now nap time. Then it will be time for a promenade using a fancy stroller that was called a perambulator (we called them baby buggies here in the U.S.). For more about the baby, you'll have to wait for a later post. That will keep you guessing, won't it?

Meanwhile, it's grownup swimming fun for all three of the members of this Victorian family.

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Happy summer playtime creativity!

PPSPlaytime™: Mercy, Tom and 
Victoria at the Seashore
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Dorthe said...

Thank you so much for your visit to my blog , and for sharing my latest make on your G+ All Things Mixed Media page.
It is very kind of you, and I`m happy you like my creation.
Do you have a LINK .

Thank you also for these wonderful outfits :-) - I enjoy visiting you here .
Dorthe, xo

Plush Possum Studio said...

Hello Dorthe! I do really like this new work of yours. The details of it in your photo are very refined. Here is a link to the G+ group called, "All Things Mixed media Art!"
Once you are at that page, continue scrolling down until you see my post of your lovely work! I do hope you will like the words I chose.

Plush Possum Studio said...

You can copy and paste the link if it will not respond as most links will do.

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