Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring Set: Rose Borders and Butterflies

Let's celebrate Spring some more using rose blossom borders and matching accessories!

I love to garden. It never ceases to amaze me just how much I do love to watch green, growing things blooming. I can recall falling in love with a sweet neighbor's pansy patch when I was a very small child, so this is a life long passion of mine.

Please observe the red letter Guidelines at the bottom of this post. Thank you.

This little set began as a sample page from an antique book of late Victorian home decor designs. It has required much time, work and trial and error failure. Each attempt brought a new lesson as to how to make older, less attractive things look nicer and neater. In fact, it was a little bit like improving a garden patch!

I'm offering two sizes of the same rosy border, along with the butterfly badges, plus the garden bench (this time in a soft springlike green) along with some other accessories. The garden bench is a genuine favorite of mine. I do admire pretty rustic wood garden furnishings!

This will be the one day that I can find enough time for posting anything different here at PPS for a while. Too many responsibilities keep drawing me away from doing art of all sorts. There is one project that is on hold, and that one is at the second blog, Rose's Art Garden, where I can simply relax, make messes, and play. However, at the first blog (this one) I have too little time to keep up properly with everything today. Perhaps by the time next month comes around, it will become a little easier for me to continue on as before.

Thank you for stopping by! I do hope you are enjoying every bright spring day with your ~
Happy Creativity!

PPS™ Spring Garden: Rose Borders and Butterflies

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This is my work. Please protect it.
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Shoshi said...

Thanks for another lovely comment on my blog, and I'm glad you enjoyed reading about our little tea party! It was fun. Well done making your own scones - they are much better than bought ones anyway.


Plush Possum Studio said...

'Twas a lady from the UK that taught me her recipe. butter, flour, eggs, sugar, milk, etc. And golden raisins, of course. And let's never forget the Devon double cream and some jam!

Ryoma Sakamoto.Japan said...

Good evening!
Japan time is 8 pm on Saturday.
Always thanks to a nice message.
It is covered in Japanese cherry tree.
Welcome to Okayama, the Land of Sunshine! Https://

Plush Possum Studio said...

Blossoming Japanese cherry trees are very lovely, indeed. How you must enjoy this time of year in your country! Thank you for the comment.
Happy springtime!

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