Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Serious Tech Issue

Dear Friends:
Today is January 10, 2012.
Our apologies for not visiting you all with comments, etc., as well as for seldom answering your emails.
Here's what's wrong.
We are currently experiencing a heavier-than-usual tech issue which escalated over the weekend, and then redoubled yesterday.
The Studio's work horse computer is a Mac which has been invaded by a developing virus which has crashed it too many times to count.
Tomorrow afternoon, we'll hopefully have everything under control again.
This will require serious overhauling, including some uninstalling and fresh installation of software after scanning for virus activity.
We are unusually careful anymore, having discovered how Macs may indeed be invaded, even if firewalls are turned on. We have added extra security over time, and routinely perform multiple scans of the HD and EXHD, yet somehow this got in under our guard before we were quite prepared to handle it.
The computer I'm currently driving is an old laptop which miraculously (after much coaxing and a certain amount of fuss) finally would allow protective downloads at Microsoft. But we are concerned this may not have been enough, and thus won't be online for much longer than needful.
Whatever struck the Mac is still at large.
We want to urge any Mac users to please be extra careful with their machines today.
It is a well known fact in the tech industry that Macs are not impervious to viral problems like this one. In fact, even Apple tech folks can tell you it's doable for anyone bothering who might be aware enough of Mac technology.
There are currently free downloads available (our first one was Sophos, now at Apple's website), along with industry software available which can scan Macs and even isolate and get rid of spybots, etc.
Please do not think you are exempt.
That just isn't the case anymore, as our situation illustrates.
Tomorrow's appointment with an Apple Care Tech should help us clean up our workhorse and make it run properly again.
Wish us luck!
We'll surely keep you posted as to any upshot.
Till then, we hope you'll coninue to enjoy our many image sets and singles, and perhaps share with others what you've found that pleases you.
Thank You for visiting us today with your---
Happy Creativity


Ann said...

oh..i hope it gets fixed!!
nothing worse than having this happen,is there!
sending hope-hugs your way!!!

Rhissanna said...

I wish you good luck with this, Rose and I'm really sorry that the issue has become so big and ongoing.Thank you for sending out this warning. I hope the nice apple people get to the core of this. Happy New Year, or, at least, happier once you have this dealt with.

Gina said...

How awful for you...hope things improve soon :( XXX

maj. said...

Best wishes for your computer!!!

artistamyjo said...

Sooooooooooo sorry,my son has a Mac but no real problems.
I can only imagine what a pain this all is. Do hope things are fixed soon. Warm Hugs

maj. said...

I mean - Get well soon - to your computer.
My English is terrible!!!!!

Hannah said...

you've been tagged! :)


Sim said...

Happyly resolved!?
It's a terrible mess when it happens,
isn't it?
Allways with you by the heart!
Huge hugs!

Leah said...

Hope everything is fixed soon!

Rhissanna said...

I'm really sorry that the mac issues are still running. I'm even more sorry that the virus has delayed any blogiversary celebrations. I'd like to wish you a Happy Blogiversary for your first year and the Studio's and I hope PPS moved forward into bigger and brighter things, Miss Possum, dear.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Well! It is a pleasure being able to check in with you again here at the old stomping grounds.
don't think we're entirely out of the woods yet, but are working on it as we speak.
The "nice people from Apple," as my friend Rhissanna calls them, really are on the ball with things both technical and practical.
Thank You all SO MUCH and way big HUGS to you all for being so patient and kind.
We really appreciate all our friends online.
Rose & Co

Linda said...

Hi Rose,

I sure hope you have your computer up and running virus free! Seems so sad that people who are so talented choose to use their computer talents in a destructive way! Thanks for the comment on my blog!
Hugs to you!

inkytoes said...

thanks for this info. i just downloaded sophos. was not aware of it until now. enjoyed looking around your blog too. will be back.

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