Friday, December 23, 2011

Steampunk Game Board: Parcheesi

This project has been long in the making--several months' worth, in fact.
But it has been a real labor of love.
I created it so that it might be used as one of the games for a Steampunk themed party, taking into account it might also serve as a little conversation piece of a sort.

For the other matching items in this ongoing set, simply go to the PPSPartyGear™ category HERE.

This is work is copyrighted. 
I mean that sincerely.
Anyone who chooses to sell this one, or copy it and post it as being theirs (in other words, steal)  is liable for prosecution under the law. Within U.S. copyright, the moment it was created, it gained copyright status. Same with publishing here to PPS's line-up. So don't be fooled.
I may offer, and you may make copies enough for home use only, or for use in gift-giving, and never for sale in any way.
This is due in part to the digital brushes made by other people, as well as the various share-alike + attribute types of licenses attached to the various images used in such a collage piece. 
In other words, it cannot be legally copied for sale in any way.
I appreciate your help in this matter.
Thank You.

That being said, it is hoped that visitors with an interest in Steampunk and/or board games for home use may enjoy this little offering to its fullest extent.

Game Rules
There is an online resource for Game Rules of many kinds, where you'll find basic rules for the set being offered. That site's version of Parcheesi Rules may be found HERE. Just click on the link, and scroll down.
Be advised, theirs is a version which would assume there is a spinner to hand. It is highly recommend you use dice instead, unless a spinner can be found which can be altered. However, to start one's move using dice was how it was played initially.

Assembling the Game
For tokens, you might try using coins in lieu of having anything on hand, or try making a few of your own based on the 4 designs I offer in my separate printable. Once glued to or printed out onto card stock, they can be then backed with cardboard, then given either felt or cork footing to spare the board's surface. They measure each just 1/2" in diameter, being made to fit the spaces given, but you could always expand via copying larger and/or digitally manipulating the sizes.

Also, it is highly recommend that you head for the nearest extension or copy center where there is a toner based color copier (for better transference, without smears). There you will need to make 4 copies, one of each quadrant of your board, then join all to your chosen surface (I recommend book board or double thickness illustration board or, perhaps, an old table top) using either Dry Mount Tissue (photography studios use this a lot for mounting pictures), or good old fashioned Mod Podge, finishing up with a clear top coat by Mod Podge, and (once it's had a chance to dry completely) perhaps a good buff using either a dab of finishing wax or one of MicroGlaze to reduce moisture damage.

~A second option might be to print all 4 quadrants onto card stock paper. The stiffer paper will hold up to more handling at this point. Follow that by using clear Contact shelf liner and perhaps stiffer cardboard backing.

~Option number 3 might be to use an iron on sheet per quadrant, then position carefully and iron all four sections onto tightly woven fine grade cotton that has been laundered beforehand without any dryer sheets being used. This could be either rolled up for travel or storage, or else folded carefully and tucked into a drawer.

Each quadrant section measures only 8" by 8", not too large for the average home printer.
This means that the board should finish out at about 16" square--a nice size for a game played by 4 players.
Anyway, I do hope you'll enjoy putting this new game together. 
I intend posting a second version of the same game, only this time with a family slant.  That might make a nice family project.
Happy Creativity!

Dital Brush Credits:

You are free to 
play with this game and may have it for your own personal use.
Due to copyright issues, however, you are 
not free to:
sell this game board or any portion of it 
for any reason 
here in the United States or worldwide.
I respect the holders of the copyrights embedded within
this work, and respect anybody else who will join me in doing so.

Thank you for cooperating in keeping free things free!

PPSCustomGames™: Steampunk 
Parcheesi Board + Tokens

Upper Right Section

Download HERE

Lower Right

Download HERE

Lower Left

Download  HERE

Upper Left

Download  HERE

(lower quality than the download)


Download HERE

Thank you for cooperating in helping me to keep free things free!


Ann said...

omg!!! the hours you must have put into this!! how unbelievably awesome!!! omg!!!!
thank you so very much!!
once printed and done this will truly be an heirloom piece!!
thank you sooooooo much! I love this!!!
wonderful,fabulous and generous!!..i just can't believe your generosity with this freebie!!
thanks again!!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Ann: Thank you so much for your continual support of every new concept we post. You really are a special favorite here, having stuck with us through thick and thin.

Mary Ann said...

What a fabulous idea and creation. Thank you very much for sharing it with us:)

Plush Possum Studio said...

Mary Ann: Thanks for the vote of confidence! we need all the good feedback we can get here at PPS!

Artfully Musing said...

This is so absolutely cool and inventive. Amazing idea. Laura

Plush Possum Studio said...

Laura: Thank You so much for those positive words. We really appreciate such feedback!

artbywendy said...

HoW cool! It's just so awesome..I am going to try to print it out and see if I can make a board for our family get togethers! very nice! thanks for sharing!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Wendy: Thanks so much for stopping by! We intend sharing this one only for a limited time, as it will soon be for sale, though our team has yet to decide which venue to choose. so you may choose to download it this weekend, but don't look for it to remain up very long at all.

Linda said...

Isn't this a wonderful creation! I can see all the work you put into it! Thanks for sharing it and for your nice comments on my Ideas House posts!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing and clever idea and how generous of you to offer the freebie.
you are so very talented too
hope you had a fab christmas and
wishing you a wonderful 2012 Peace,health and happiness!
Hugs June xxxxx

Plush Possum Studio said...

Linda:Thank You so very much for those kind words! Hope you're enjoying your holidays to their fullest!

Plush Possum Studio said...

June: YOu are sweet! And your new avatar pic is a real beauty! Such a sweet presence to grace the screen.

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