Saturday, April 30, 2011

Antique Shampoo Advertisement: Only Her Hairdresser Knows For Sure

Hidden in the archives here at PPS there are some really fine examples of advertising art from the Edwardian era. A Lady's Maid has her hands full with the singular task of bringing her lady's hair into its best shape. And what a job! All that bunching at the back so hats might fit correctly, along with all the daily needs to neatness in one's "toilette." A lady's maid was indispensable, being responsible for so much more refinement in her employer's life than, say, an upstairs or parlor maid. Her clothes must be kept refreshened, her high buttoned shoes just so, her gloves pristine, her mind at ease due to the constant caring ways of her principle servant.
In honor of the lady's maid, then, here's today's selected imagery.
Happy Creativity from all of us here at PPS!
Rose & Studio

Ivory Soap Shampooing Scene
Black & White
Downloadable Version HERE

Original Patina
Downloadable Version HERE

Scanned Imagery courtesy PPS Archives
You are free to:
Use these images in artwork for fun or profit, as long as you will credit this site and even offer a link back to us.
You are not free to:
repackage these for sale in any way.
Please respect our gift to the public by keeping these images free.
Thank you.


Ann said...

wonderful!! love this!! thanks so much!!!!!
hope you are having a happy weekend!! xo

Plush Possum Studio said...

Ann: Hi there! We are indeed enjoying this weekend. Let us hear fro you when your package gets to you! And hope your weekend os pleasant for you too!

Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...


This is a great advertisement...they make me laugh over the details instructions they give for making this ivory soap paste...tee hee :0)

Thanks so much for visiting with me. It truly means the world to me. ♥

We did get in touch with one person we were concerned about but there are a dozen or so that we still have no details about.

I don't have any new post up right now but maybe tomorrow I will.

Pink Sparkles for your day,
Stephanie ♥

Plush Possum Studio said...

Stephanie: My goodness!! it's rough when we can't find out right away about those people we care for. We are so sorry you have to wait. It's really been so strange how it all could happen so suddenly. Our prayers go out to all whose lives may be affected by its aftermath. May there be much good news there for you shortly!
Hugs to you and yours

Anonymous said...

This is great! I love these vintage ads. Thank you so much.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Mina: Glad you came by again!

AJ Blanton said...

I love vintage advertisements. I found alot in some old magazines. Thanks for always sharing such wonderful images.

liszha said...

You've got a great blog here! With lovely vintage images! Thanks for sharing those.

Plush Possum Studio said...

AJ: Hey! we have a fellow antique ephemera hound among us! That is so cool! Which magazines were they?

Lisette: Welcome aboard! It can be a lot of fun sharing from our collection with others here online. i myself am enjoying it immensely.
So glad you could come by.

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