Monday, May 25, 2015

Hi! We're back! With Steampunk Shoes or Spats!

Hello again to all of our friends online from us Possums here in our studio!
For our first offering in about 3 years or so, we have found something simple to start up with. After all, it took many long hours of practice to begin with to become as proficient as we ended up being towards the end of our first chapter. For our New Chapter here at Plush Possum Studio, we are going to be offering fewer new images right at first. 
Health issues and computer problems have kept us away for too long!
We missed our fun here!
It's so fun to blog with you all, and to keep getting to know you is such a delight.

The pattern we are offering today looks as if it might well be adapted for spats for the Steampunk crowd. We here at Plush Possum love Steampunk!  We see the shoe pattern as a bit unique, in that it's for the high button look favored by so many for period and Steampunk costumes. We hope you'll enjoy it too with your
Happy Creativity!

Grandma's Trunk Antique Shoe (or Spat) Pattern

You are free to:
Use this however you please!
We'd like to hear from anyone adventurous enough to try making some custom made spats from this old pattern.


Danice said...

Hello Rose. It is go good that you are back. Thank you so much for the nice comment on my blog :)

Plush Possum Studio said...

Hello there!
So good to hear from you again too!
And your blog deserves good comments!

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