Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Twitter Backgrounds in Bridal Colors + News from our studio

We know our visitors have been enjoying  tweeting with us using our new free Twitter background sets, so we came up with a few more to post for you. Included here are four pretty pastels with lace panels and pale veiled centers.
You can find more new ways of tweeting with our backgrounds in our new category, PPSTweetsWithYou™.
We hope you'll enjoy tweeting using these four new backgrounds with your--
Happy Creativity!

NOTE: These designs may or may  not fit the new format over at Twitter. Bear with us! We are exploring other options and hope to figure out what to do about the changes there very soon!

An added Note from our studio:
PPS is going to have to go offline for a time due to some technical difficulties. We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope you'll explore our Categories List while we're away.

PPSTweetsWithYou™: Lacey Bridal Backgrounds

Download HERE

Background Color: #C9B1EA
Color Coordinated Link Color: #E8E0F5

Download HERE

Background Color: #FCB7DD
Color Coordinated Link Color: #FEDAEE

Download HERE

Background Color: #A8D1F3
Color Coordinated Link Color: #DFECF5

Download HERE

Background Color: #EBC0B6
Color Coordinated Link Color: #F8E9E5

Credits: Digital Brushes by Obsidian Dawn, and expectacularmix.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Denim & Batik Backgrounds

Note: this is an older post. The twitter backgrounds you see here are possibly not working for others today, as Twitter changed their formats.
In spite of this fact concerning Twitter, I think that any of these designs might be cute when used as computer desktop backgrounds or in crafting.
Please respect all copyrights listed at the foot of this post by following the red letter Guidelines shown. Thank you.
Now, here's that old and out of date post for you:

We've recently put our collective toe in the water over at Twitter here at PPS, and so are experimenting with the many fun ways it is possible to decorate one's Twitter background.
Once we had mastered the concept (see our first experiments HERE), we were hooked!
So here we have a bouquet of brightly colored "embroidered" and "batiked' backgrounds for you, some with a real denim basis.
Background Colors you may use along with these:
Denim: #617AB2       Paisley Batik: #9412B4 or 5FAC5     Embroidered Tie Dye: 8B34CE
Color Coordinated Link #s:
Denim: (We recommend white for this one, which is neutral) #FFFFFF
Paisley Batik: (same) #FFFFFF
Embroidered tie Dye: (likewise) #FFFFFF

This was a fun project--I felt like I had traveled via time machine back to my embroidered jeans era.
You can find more fun ways of tweeting by accessing our new category, PPSTweetsWithYou™.
We hope you'll enjoy tweeting using any one of our new free Twitter backgrounds with your--
Happy Creativity!

NOTE: These may or may not fit twitter's new format. at our own Twitter account, our chocolate one no longer will fit. Please bear with us while we experiment and learn in order to provide you with the best fitting backgrounds for Twitter that we can!

Denim & Batik Twitter Backgrounds

Paisley Batik

Download HERE

Rainbow Denim Blues

Download HERE

Rainbow Embroidered Denim

Download HERE

Embroidered Tie Dye

Download HERE

Rainbow Denim Filigree

Download HERE

Rainbow Paisley Denim Blues

Download HERE

Credits: Digital Brushes by fidget resources and iNDOdREAMIN

You are free to:
use any of the designs shown in this post
although never for profit.
Please credit every artist.
(That would include me too)
Thank you
for helping me to
keep free things free!

Friday, May 18, 2012

A New ColorMe™ Page: The Princess Charges the Lion

We found this gem of an antique children's book illustration at one of our favorite online resources, Wikimedia Commons. It's from a book entitled, curiously enough,"The Girl Who Pretended She Was a Boy." And as it is in the Public Domain, it is free to use for everyone. So we re-sized it and cleaned it up a bit so it could be used for coloring purposes--or whatever you wish.
While we have yet to research this book's history for you, we hope to be able to soon.
Meanwhile, pull out those colored pencils and those fine line markers as this one is surely calling for delicacy and care.
We hope you'll enjoy all our ColorMe™Page offerings here at PPS with your--
Happy Creativity!

PPSCOlorMe™Page: The Princess Charges the Lion

Download 300dpi Version HERE

You are welcome to:
use this item however you choose!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Victoria's Spring Walking Ensemble

Today we are offering yet another outfit for our paper doll, Miss Victoria Lacey, the first portion of whose story we will keep posted in her Dressing Gown and Visiting Dress posts until Monday morning of next week (May 21, 2012).
This time, our Victoria is ready to stride out walking in the fresh spring weather, hat, gloves and parasol at the ready.
This one had a shape which was a particularly easy one to refit for our doll, but the color quality is, we think, less than desirable. Still, kids may find it fun to play with, so it was decided to post it regardless of the final effect. As the series develops, our team is hopeful we may increase quality for our readers in order to provide doll outfits of a finer grade than this for playtime use.
Happy Creativity!

This paper doll has been "remodeled" by us for your use. It therefore cannot be re-packaged for sale, even if you re-modify it still further (unless you ask for our permission to do so and we happen to grant it freely).
All of this paper doll's outfits have had to be manipulated heavily using Photoshop, in order to ensure proper fit along with quality. This has not always been easy. The doll's arms and body do not conform to the average fashion plates from her era. Lots of work went into each outfit. Some have turned out better than others, but we were glad to provide her along with her outfits here at Plush Possum.
Therefore, we respectfully ask that our version of this doll, along with her outfits and accoutrements, never be re-packaged by anybody for sale sold as sets. If you choose to make art with one or two items from this paper doll set, please do credit the site. If you would happen to wish to offer anything here as a set or singly, we also ask respectfully that you would refrain from taking credit for our work, and that you would likewise directly refer your guests back to the site of origin.
We respect the copyrights of others, and ask that you will join us in every effort to do so.
Thank you.

Victoria's Spring Walking Ensemble

Download Digi PNG Version HERE

Download For Print Version HERE

Image source (before much altering by us)
New York Public Library  at

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our First Free Twitter Backgrounds!

We may now offer you free new themed ways in which to tweet: Chocolate Caramel Fudge; Sunshine & Butterflies; and Purple Dream. The first is a personal favorite, so much so it is now this possum's Twitter background.
Soon, we'll be tweeting quite regularly ourselves, including about all the latest news on PPS's ever growing stock of imagery. We hope you'll join us there for more fun.
Below, you'll note that not only are our backgrounds downloadable, but their screen shots are also on display for you, just a trifle foreshortened due to the positioning of the "dock" at the bottom of the screen of  this possum's home computer.
Also, we list the correct background color numbers to enter in the two slots provided at Twitter, one for the background, and one for the Links. That way, you'll have everything color coordinated to match.
Note: We have other new ways of tweeting in our Twitter background category, PPSTweetsWithYou™.
We hope to offer you many more choices as we go along, for fresh and seasonal looks on twitter. These were just by way of a little experimentation. I could see teenagers going for our purple color scheme, and moms going for our chocolate lovers' theme.
Enjoy your next tweet with your--
Happy (Twitter background) Creativity!

Our chocolate Twitter background, showcased below, was no longer fitting on our return to Twitter recently. Please bear with us while we experiment using the new format twitter is currently using.

Chocolate Lovers' Twitter Background

Download HERE

Background Color #: 352003

Color Coordinated Link #: C8AE8C

How it looks on our screen

Sunshine & Butterflies Twitter Background

Download HERE

Background Color #: F4E37D

Color Coordinated Links #: C2A740

How it looks on our screen

Purple Dream Twitter Background

Download HERE

Background COLOR #: 8442C9

Color Coordinated Links #: 9962D2

How it looks on our screen

Credits: Digital Brushes by Nadine Pau from Brusheezy, and Obsidian Dawn

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Steampunk Style Fan Invitation/Ornament

Today's post is all about gears and bolts and Victorian style mixed together with a fan's design.
I've taken the previously shown holiday fan and changed out its shape, narrowing it so that more sections may be joined together, creating a variety of possibilities for you.
I've also left the message frames blank, so that you can add your own hand lettering or rubber stamped letters, expressing your own choice of sentiment, such as "Happy Birthday" or "It's a Tea Party!" or, as illustrated below, "Steampunk Tea Party," even.
This has been made to accompany a brand new set of travels for our Steam Tea Travels sister blog. This time, we are heading for Cairo, Egypt where adventures abound!
Each sheet contains 18 fan sections, more than enough to create a variety of expressions.
I suppose you could also take your original down to your local copy center or extension and enlarge this one. And, as it was produced at 300dpi, it should look okay, provided you don't go overboard with the enlarging.  
There is a lot of fussy cutting involved in this project, I know, but it will have a lot of character at the end for all the work involved.
But. If you would rather keep it stylish and simpler, you could always simply cut the base gear bits away as you go, making a refined circle.
I'd like to recommend using card stock for this project, along with a fetching grommet for the holes, or a bit of thin metallic braid. A bit of metallic super fine glitter might also go over well with your guests.
The 4:00 teatime could also be covered over with a different clock face with hands set for a different time (before you head for your copy center might be best here), but I'm awfully fond of my regular teatime, and thought it would be fun to include the teatime clock in this design.
No matter where we may roam during our Steam Tea Travels, for example, there is always time for a cup of tea at around 4:00 in the afternoon (or, 16:00 for our friends in the EU).  :)
I do hope you'll enjoy the entire Steampunk Theme Party product line, which you may find more items for in the PPSPartyGear™ category.
Also, for my complete Steampunk-themed Category, you can go HERE.
Happy Steam-themed Creativity!

This product is never to be repackaged for sale. You may use it, for free, but you may never sell it--not even if you repackage it or alter it somehow. We have exclusive copyrights to the final design. However, the design includes certain elements and Digital Brushes (not owned by us) that we have pledged never to sell in any form, no matter how updated, re-made or altered our design team may make them.
It's simply the LAW (that is a link).
In other words, some parts of my work, my Steampunk party accessories included, are not completely mine.
While parts of them come from copyright free sources, some come with Licenses to copy and use, but never to sell for any reason, in any way, shape or form.
I am free to use them, but would not abuse that privilege.
Plush Possum Studio will uphold the copyrights of others 
wherever possible
Thank you for joining me in doing so.

Steampunk Style Fan Party Invitation/Ornament

Download Digi PNG Version HERE

Download For Print Version HERE


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